Teraterm vs PuTTY

Teraterm and PuTTY both are popular terminal operators used for connecting to remote servers. Both of them provides similar service, but there is some difference in features.

TeraTerm vs PuTTY

Overview of Teraterm and PuTTY

Teraterm is an open-source terminal emulator. It is a comprehensive tool used to access remote servers. It supports protocols like SSH, and Telnet. It is the preferred choice for users who have scripting and automation needs.

PuTTY, on the other hand, is used for remote connectivity. It supports SSH, Telnet, SCP, and SFTP connections. It is used by developers and programmers for its lightweight and easy to use.


Teraterm offers a wide range of rich features scripting, macro recorder, and navigating the directories. It has a built-in text editor, that allows the user to edit the files on remote server.

While PuTTY has lacks of features. It has the non-availability of built-in text editor, and macro recorder. It only focuses on stable remote connections.

User Interface

Teraterm offers rich feature user interface. It provides additional features like multi-tab and customizable windows.

PuTTY has a simple graphical interface. It provides basic terminal window for connecting to remote system. It does not provide additional features.


Both Teraterm and PuTTY are free and open-source tools. Users can use both freely without any subscription.

File Transfer

Teraterm has built in graphical file transfer feature by using protocols like XMODEM, YMODEM, and ZMODEM.

PuTTY does not have built-in file transfer, but it has component called ‘pscp’ used in an external window terminal to file transfer between local and remote system using protocol SCP and SFTP.


Teraterm supports SSH to secure the remote connection. It does not provide security features like PuTTY.

PuTTY also support SSH to secure the remote connection. Its security feature includes SSH key management, private key authentication. PuTTY focus on security to prevent unauthorized access.

Suitable for Multiple Platforms

Teraterm supports only the Windows operating system.

PuTTY support operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

SSH Key Management

Teraterm does not have built-in key generation tool. Hence to generate keys user have to use other command line tools.

On the hand PuTTY built-in key generation tool called ‘PuTTYgen’. There is no need to use an external terminal window.


Teraterm and PuTTY both are widely used powerful tools, choosing one of them depends upon the specific need of users.  If the user needs more additional features, less secure, and built-in file transfer, then Teraterm is better option. However, if user needs a simple, easy to use, and secure connection, then PuTTY is better choice.